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MIIAPAC is the Big I MN’s political action committee, a state registered political fund that awards contributions to candidates for the state legislature.  MIIAPAC is separate from InsurPAC which raises money and contributes to candidates for federal office.  All MIIAPAC’s funds stay in Minnesota and are directly related to our state association’s political and legislative efforts.   This is extremely important because most legislation that affects your business, your clients and your profession occurs at the state level. 
The majority of MIIAPAC’s contributions go to fellow Minnesota insurance agents or insurance professionals who are seeking a position in the state legislature.   With any funds left over, we support legislators who have worked with the association and its lobbyist to advance the interests of the insurance profession at the state capitol.  It is important to recognize our friends and assist them in their election efforts.  It is even more important to elect insurance professionals to the state legislature to provide knowledge and expertise related to insurance products and their regulation.
MIIAPAC has no formal ongoing membership or fundraising efforts, so we must rely on the personal support of our association members.  All contributions to MIIAPAC must be personal and cannot be written from an incorporated agency account.    Please consider supporting you state association PAC today. 

Contact our Legislative team at
Robyn Rowen, J.D.
MIIAB Legislative/Regulatory Counsel and Lobbyist