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Non-Insurance Products


Big "I" Hires

Created by the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America, Big 'I' Hires is a one-stop resource designed to help independent agents recruit and retain qualified talent.

CareerPlug - Hiring Software

CareerPlug’s hiring software helps Associations attract more qualified candidates, identify the right candidates with confidence, and improve hiring results. CareerPlug will provide Association members access to a free account that can be used to post jobs, manage applicants, and improve the organizations’ employment brand. Association members can also access a “Pro” version of CareerPlug for a special rate to take hiring to the next level.

DAIS - Internet of Insurance

The Internet of Insurance is your cloud-based distribution platform that tightly connects agencies and carriers. It creates transparency between carriers and agents so you can work together on the policies that really matter. It provides a centralized collaboration space that frees you from searching your inbox, and helps you work efficiently with your partners. With new forms of data and analytics, it gives you insights about your business that actually drive your success.

ePayPolicy Payment Systems

ePayPolicy provides the simplest way for agencies to collect insurance payments online. ePayPolicy was born out of the same need for convenience that brought about online banking. This simple service is being used by agencies and brokers across the country to collect ACH and credit card payments online in a single payment page. As one independent agent said, “It’s just plain easy to use.'

Finances Made Simple LLC - ERC

Finances Made Simple LLC helps Independent agents with filing the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) was created by Congress to help employers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The ERC is a refundable payroll tax credit.


InsurBanc is an independent community bank that was founded by agents exclusively for agents. Organized in 2001 by the Big “I” specifically to serve independent insurance agents, we have developed a distinctive culture that allows us the opportunity to work with you as a partner to help optimize growth opportunities and manage your agency efficiently.

Virtual Risk Consultant

The Big I Advantage® Virtual Risk Consultant powered by Rough Notes (“VRC”) is a powerful online client service resource tool that no Big “I” member should be without.

Valuation & Perpetuation

The process of valuing and perpetuating an agency is about so much more than a number. With IntellAgents, you’ll have a compassionate team of experts to guide you through the steps to perpetuate your agency internally or externally. Your agency is your lifeblood, your reputation and your legacy. Choose someone who understands that. Go beyond the number and choose IntellAgents.

Work At Home Vintage Experts

WAHVE is a unique contract staffing talent solution serving the entire insurance industry that brings companies and pretiring professionals together. Companies get the right matched talent and vintage experts get to extend their careers working from home.